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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Welcome to PDA Today!

My name is Steve Bralovich and this is my Blog for PDA's, Pocket PC's, SmartPhones and Cellphones.

This is my first post, so I'll outline what I aim to accomplish over the coming days and months and how you can participate.

I've been working for over 25 years in the field of computers and PDA's.
I've worked for Compaq, General Electric and a host of other companies large and small developing software, web-sites, games and multimedia.

Technology is a constantly changing landscape and that's great because I love new things.

Unfortunately, this fast-paced landscape can leave people a little confused, frustrated and down-right angry at times.

I plan to use this Blog to sound-off and let others become aware of the darker side of some of this wonderful technology.

On the other hand, I'll also use it to let people know about some of the exciting and terrific ways that devices are helping people.

You can participate by adding your views and comments.

Over time, you'll see lots of links and free resources published that will help you get the most out of your PDA or cellphone.

Extensive lists of useful and interesting links, reviews, editorials, PDA friendly websites and anything else that will make this blog entertaining, fun and interesting. They'll be updated regularly, so visit often to see what's new.

Don't expect to see the same old stuff you may be getting on other websites or blogs.

I want this blog to reflect the real and changing world of pda's and how they're affecting the way we work and live. That also means reporting about abuses and the negative impacts of these devices.

So if you're looking for some interesting, informative and fun insights into the world of technology and PDA's, you've come to the right place.

-- Steve