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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Good Preview of Windows Mobile 2005 (Magneto)

I love the Internet. Where else can you get the lowdown on yet un-released software that will soon make a difference in your mobile computing life?
This is a great article I just found on the new Pocket PC OS from Microsoft. It has a lot of useful information by the authors and quite a few screenshots.

Main innovations in Windows Mobile 2005:
1. The single-handed control of the device, not involving the touch screen.
2. The support of applications for Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone. The key devices that will illustrate this approach this year are Asus p515, HTC Blizzard and Samsung Thor.
3. Possibility to add photos and assign personal melodies to the contacts.
4. Greatly improved Word Mobile (it keeps formats while editing, shows pictures); - to a smaller extent Excel Mobile.
5. New application added - PowerPoint Mobile.
6. Built-in drivers (APIs) for GPS and the camera.

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