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Friday, April 15, 2005

New Garmin iQue M5 Pocket PC Version

By: The Editor
If you're like me, you move around alot and hate asking for directions.

Garmin has had integrated GPS and PDA handhelds for the Palm OS for a couple of years.

Now it has introduced the Garmin iQue M5 which is the Pocket PC version of its popular PDA line-up.

Garmin is a manufacturer of many GPS products and is well known for its portable product line. As such, it has excellent map support for the new iQue M5. I like the all-in-one form factor because it's clean and uncluttered unlike products that require adaptors and socket-type add-ons.

Main Features: (continued...)
- Check e-mail and view documents--then sync seamlessly with your laptop
- Includes MapSource City Select North America data CD-ROM with full coverage/full unlock
- Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition with integrated GPS and Que navigation applications
- Powered by a 416 MHz Intel PXA 272 microprocessor; includes 64 MB RAM, 64 MB ROM, and data back-up protection
- Embedded Bluetooth transceiver lets you network with computer systems and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, PDAs, printers, etc.

This new Garmin, also features a replaceable battery pack. This was a criticism of the Palm-based versions.

It has a street price of around $599 U.S. which is not bad when you consider what you'd have to pay for a regular handheld with external GPS options.

You also get a product which is a brand name synonymous with the GPS industry.

Overall, I'd say that the M5 is a good choice for people on the road, outdoor types or just ordinary gadget freaks that use GPS direction functions a lot.

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