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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pocket PC Tips and Tricks -- Appointments


One of the frequent mysteries for Pocket PC users is disappearing calendar appointments. If your appointments like to disappear after synchronizing, the magician behind all this is probably a setting in ActiveSync. Usually, the old appointments disappear from your Pocket PC. On your desktop PC, Outlook keeps your appointments around until you delete or archive them. With ActiveSync, on the other hand, two week old appointments do not get synchronized with your Pocket PC. (continued...)

The appointments are still in Outlook on your desktop, but not on your Pocket PC. Here is how you can change that:

If you would like older appointments to also be synced to your Pocket PC, then you can change the setting.

On your PC:

1. Open ActiveSync

2. Locate and select the Calendar information type

3. Right click on it, and select Settings

4. In the settings window, select one of the following:

- "Synchronize all appointments" - sync every single appointment.(This is something we would not recommend, because it will use up a lot of space if you have years of appointments stored in Outlook.)

- "Synchronize only" - define the time frame for the synchronized appointments.

- "Synchronize only those appointments" - limit the synchronized appointments to a few categories.

5. When you have made your choice, close the opened windows and you are done.

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