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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pocket PC Tips and Tricks -- GPS Software

By: The Authors of Pocket PC Tips and Tricks

GPS navigation can be a complex topic because it is dependent upon your location Europe or the USA. Although most GPS software is sold on both continents, some types are only supported in certain parts of the world.

While a great number of GPS Navigation software companies exist, the following four vendors have cartography for both Europe and North America. (continued...)

Destinator, in its third version, has been characterized as being one of the prime companies in incorporating new features, such as 3D graphics. A very stable program, Destinator offers its navigation package at an affordable price.

With their GPS system at version four, Navigon is the only company to offer a GPS with both Bluetooth and TMC. Traffic Message Channel, or TMC, provides real-time traffic information. Other Navigon features include common navigation functions and the option to provide voice guidance for directions.

One of the most popular commercial navigation packages, TomTom Navigator 3 boasts a user-friendly interface as well as effortless access to all of its functions. Without a doubt, this GPS navigation system stands among the leaders in experience and market penetration.

Alturion, currently at version five, serves only the European market. This navigation system stands as one of the top professional applications available.

Source: Pocket PC Tips and Tricks

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