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Friday, August 05, 2005

SyncToy Beta for Windows XP

By: Steve Bralovich

Microsoft has released a free beta version of a new folder and file synchronization tool it says is easier to use and more reliable than the often-ignored Briefcase that's included with Windows XP.

Dubbed SyncToy, the new tool relies on a simple wizard-style interface to walk users through the copying process. It will copy files from one folder to another, keep both folders in sync, and automatically delete files in one folder when they've been erased in another. (continued...)

Microsoft's especially touting what it called "intelligent renaming," a process whereby SyncToy detects renamed -- but otherwise unchanged -- files in one folder, say on a laptop, and then automatically renames those same files in another folder, say one on a desktop PC.

Because it's part of the Windows Toy output, SyncToy is not officially supported by Microsoft through normal technical support channels, but there is a user-to-user forum available at the Professional Photography site.

SyncToy works only in Windows XP. It can be downloaded from Microsoft's Download Center (Windows Genuine Advantage validation is required) free of charge.

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