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Friday, October 07, 2005

VoiceStick-- Portable USB VoIP Internet Phone

Here's something I just found that is a great example of an innovative product.

The "VoiceStick" is a USB VoIP phone that comes with a headset and allows you to use any Windows XP or 2000 computer and make inexepensive calls to anywhere in the world.

It's the perfect tool for people that may be away from their regular computer setup and all you need to do is plug it in, connect to the Internet, dial and speak.

Users are raving about it... (continued...)

Here's what one person had to say about it:

"Anyone who travels needs the convenience of this USB phone. I can't even begin to tell you how delighted I was. I was traveling in France, and I own my own business. I was on vacation and did not bring my PC, or cell phone. I got an email that there were some very unexpected problems with a very key deal I was working on. I had to call back to the States and have some long and involved conversations. Had I done this on the hotel phone, it would have cost my business literally thousands of dollars. But a friend had given me a Voicestick (that she basically got free on Amazon with a rebate) before I left. What a great little package!

I plugged the Voicestick into the back of the hotel's "business center" computer (just a laptop in the corner of the lobby - it was a small hotel). I was able to register on screen in minutes, and then plugged in the headset that came with the VoiceStick, and was able to talk for a literal fraction of what it would have cost me otherwise. And further, once I had registered the first time, I could use the Voicestick over and over, with no problem at all. This is a great deal -- you can throw it in your pocket, and in a flash have full connectivity thru VOIP -- something I'd never dealt with previously, and always assumed would be a hassle to set up and use.

A couple of things you should note on the Voicestick -- it does not work on Mac -- a friend ordered one after I raved about the product, and didn't realize it was Windows-only until he plugged it in. Not a big deal, because again, with the rebate, he got it free. Also, you do need to have a broadband connection. Most Internet cafes, etc. have these, so even if you're on the road in fairly remote places, you can usually just plug
the Voicestick and your headset in and turn the cafe phone into a VOIP phone.

I can't recommend this product highly enough. Great design, small, compact, and it offers unparalleled convenience."

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