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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Apple Video Ipod--Why so Popular?

Welcome to 2005, the year of the Apple Video iPod!

Why do I boldly proclaim this year for the humble iPod? Is it because the Apple company has thoroughly dominated the consumer electronics market this year? Let's take a look at some facts.

First, let’s remember that way back when in 2000 said that Apple would be out of business soon, having been eclipsed by Microsoft's Window program. Nevermind that Microsoft ripped off Apple's idea for a user friendly interface. Billy was always a better marketer than an inventor of new things. (continued...)

Well, "little apple" decided not to take this lying down. They decided to invent their own category in the field of consumer electronics.

Their strategy developed into being the complete provider of enternaiment.

Starting with the imac, derailed by critics when first introduced as a last gasp effort of a dying company, Apple started to reassert itself. Then came the Ipod, which went on to become the most single popular consumer electronic product in history. But this wasn’t enough for “little Apple”.

This year, the Nano was introduced, to a huge customer buying frenzy. Trying to find one was like trying to get tickets to a Beatles reunion concert.

And now, as if to finish off the year on a climax, the Video iPod is introduced. The effect is to eclipse all other consumer gadgets, and make Apple the hippest thing since Bob Dylan.

The profits for the company are of course incredible. But what about the benefits to consumers?

Here are just a few of the things the Video iPod now makes possible:

* it can hold up to 15,000 songs and full-color album art
* believe it or not, you can put up to 25,000 photos on it
* in addition, it holds up to 150 hours of video (hence the name video ipod)
* And if that wasn’t enough, it will play video or photo slideshows on TV via an optional dock

Unbelievable! And all in a slim desing not much bigger than a thin bill fold.

What’s next…a manned mission to Mars? Broadcast proudly on your Apple iPod?

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