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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Toshiba Satellite Customer Service Please

By: Jolanda Leuschner

In September of this year, we became the proud owners of two Toshiba’s Satellite A215-S4757. Thinking at the time of purchase, these were going to be great laptop computers. These laptops have some great built in features. Everything went fine until the first laptop started to have issues with a black screen. We called Toshiba with a service request, and went from a tier one technician all the way up to a tier two technician. The tier two technician could not handle the trouble shooting either, so he forwarded the trouble ticket to a tier three technician. We needed to wait for a call back. Two days later still no call. We did not find this acceptable, but we did not have any choice.


Until three weeks later, the phone rang, and a tier three technician called to inform me he was going to assist with the repair of our laptops. I was offended. It took Toshiba three weeks for this issue, which was a fix of not even one minute. To top it all off the technician was trying to blame Windows Vista for the error. It would not be possible for a laptop less then a week old to be this defective, and that we would be the only people with this issue right? An online search revealed many others had the same issue. Therefore, we found the solution in the video card power saving area, and managed to do the change of settings ourselves.

The Toshiba A215-S4757 by itself is a great sleek looking laptop, and has much functionality that is for the upkeep of your laptop. It is for many power users a dream come true without having to pay the highest price tag for this dream to come true. However, for us by now it is a nightmare. Not so much because this laptop is in many areas defective, but customer service from Toshiba is not customer friendly. Well issue one was straight, and issue two came around the corner with a bios update recommended by Toshiba.

What is the consumer to do besides following the recommendations from the manufacturer? We follow directions well, and did the upgrade. Issue number two came into existence with the bios upgrade. It corrupted the system main board. The Toshiba A215-S4757 was sent back to Toshiba for repair and the wait was on. After a week, the laptop returned, and again we are hoping all troubles are now over right?

Wrong within two days the laptop is not working anymore. It will not turn on for anything in this world. Toshiba is aware, and a request for a return call is in place. One laptop out of service, and the possibility that the other one can also go out any moment now is not a happy story.

On November 12, Toshiba received our request for a return phone call in regards to their customer service department. Unfortunately, their department for complaints is closed. However, the customer service representative stated they would return our call within five business days. Did the call happen? No, it did not we are still suppose to receive a call back. We will wait for one additional week if no call has been received we will take further action against Toshiba.

The Toshiba Satellite A215-S4757 is a nice looking sleek laptop computer. Unfortunately, for us it is just that nice looking, and a huge headache! Maybe this time Toshiba will really repair our laptop, and this headache may end. In the meantime, we will wait to see if Toshiba is going to repair issue three.

Jolanda Leuschner is a proud mother of 3 lovely sons and is the owner and founder of Best Daily Articles She invites writers,webmasters, readers and publishers to come and visit her site any time.