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Sunday, March 20, 2005

PDA Surfing -- Link a Day -- Google

The purpose of PDA Surfing -- Link a Day is to provide readers with at least one PDA friendly web link per day that they can surf on their SmartPhone or Pocket PC.
Over time, there will be a long list of useful links with reviews to sites that are specially formatted to work on tiny screens.

Today's link is:
Google for Devices
Rating 7 /10
Category: Palm/SmartPhone/Pocket PC
Description: For people who do a lot of Googling (and who doesn't these days) this a great link. The search is fast and pretty much what you've come to expect from Google on your desktop. One thing I really like is the lack of Google ads in the results. Nothing against their ads in any way, it's just that you see them everywhere on the Internet and it's nice to find some ad-free space for a change. The pages format well on any screen. The only thing I'd like to see from this type of mobile search is an option to filter the search for PDA formatted web pages and PDA related listings. That would make it just about perfect in my opinion.
-- Steve