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Sunday, April 17, 2005

iGo Juice™ Juice Power Adapter

iGo™ Juice Power Adapter
iGo™ Juice Power Adapter

Every once in awhile, you come across a product that just makes so much sense. The iGo Juice Power adapter is just that kind of product.

It's not just an adapter. It's a power system that ends the clutter associated with having to carry a seperate adapter for every mobile device you own.

Whether in your car, at home or on a plane, you can power and charge your notebook computer with the Juice adapter. Add an accessory cable (sold separately), and you can simultaneously power your wireless phone, PDA or other device. Leave those other chargers and adapters at home!

If you're on the road a lot, this is a must-have accessory that will keep you organised and your devices topped-up and ready to go.

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