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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pocket PC Tips and Tricks -- Bluetooth ActiveSync


(Works with Pocket PC OS 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Phone Edition)

Most of the configuration for ActiveSync over Bluetooth is performed on the PC side, and there's no configuration of a serial port on ActiveSync itself on the Pocket PC side.

It's important to correctly configure the connection to be used on your PC. Depending on what Bluetooth software is in use on your computer, you will have different ways of finding the information needed. The most important thing is to make sure that you have an incoming serial port defined and use this when configuring ActiveSync. (continued...)

If you're using a Widcomm-based Bluetooth software on your PC, you'll see a Bluetooth icon in the System Tray. Right-click on this icon and select "Advanced Configuration." Change to the "Local Services" tab and find the Bluetooth Serial Port. Take note of the COM port associated with this port.

If you're using the Microsoft Bluetooth software supplied with Windows XP Service Pack 2, open the Control Panel and double-click the Bluetooth icon. Change to the "COM Ports" tab, and check that you have at least one port defined as "Incoming." If not, then click the [Add] button and create one. Once you have a port defined, take note of its number.

Now right-click on the ActiveSync icon in the System Tray, and select Connection Settings. Make sure you check the box "Allow serial cable or infrared connection to this COM port" and select the COM port corresponding to the Bluetooth Serial Port in the service configuration you have found just before. Click the OK button when finished.

This is all that is needed to configure ActiveSync over Bluetooth on your PC. You now have to read the other tips on how to perform the ActiveSync, from your Pocket PC.

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