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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tips for Mobile Security -- Avoid Prying Eyes

How do you avoid prying eyes (and ears) on the road?

In a public place, even rock-solid data transmission security won't keep someone from simply watching over your shoulder for company-sensitive data on your screen or keystrokes as you type in usernames and passwords. I've seen so-called "security experts" beaming their data to many others in crowded public areas via their large, high-resolution laptop screens. This is more of a problem with laptops because they are easier to see, but be cognizant of others nearby even when using smaller mobile devices. (continued...)

Avoid working on sensitive documents with your laptop screen in plain view of other people in public areas. You can also turn down the screen intensity, which makes it more difficult for others to see your screen. The batteries will also last longer.

When talking over a cell phone or voice-over-Wi-Fi connection, keep your voice down. I'm not sure why, but many people talk very loudly over cell phones, so that anyone within fifty feet can hear clearly. If possible, send sensitive data through e-mail messages rather than discuss it over the phone, assuming your e-mail is secure. I find that e-mail is more efficient and less expensive for most situations anyway, especially when using smartphones.

Source: InformationWeek

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