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Thursday, August 25, 2005

FuelCells - Gas-Up Your Laptop

A fuel cell developer is claiming twice the power density of lithium batteries in a new methanol fuel cell for mobile gear.

What Is A Fuel Cell?
A fuel cell is like a battery in that it relies on chemical reactions to silently release energy in the form of electricity. However, it is also fundamentally different than a battery in how it is ‘refueled’: fuel cells do not need to be thrown away or undergo time-consuming recharging. Instead, just like your car engine, they keep going as long as fuel is available. (continued...)

UltraCell Corp. (Livermore, Calif.) said Tuesday Aug. 23,2005 its reformed methanol fuel cell scheme uses "micro reformer" technology developed under a military contract to generate hydrogen from a highly concentrated methanol solution used in fuel cells.

UltraCell says its portable power system achieves the power density of a hydrogen fuel cell while using cheap methanol fuel. The unit weighs 40 ounces, the company said.

The UltraCell website has lots of great information including complete details on their innovation. Plus it has some explanations on fuelcell basics and a few good graphics to help clarify fuelcell concepts.

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