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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Go Wi-Fi! E300 SDIO Card

Mobile productivity products company Socket Communications is out with an SDIO 802.11b Wi-Fi card they say is the smallest and fastest in the market to date. The Go Wi-Fi! E300 Card is designed for Windows Mobile 2003 devices with a SDIO Now! interface. (continued...)

The Go Wi-Fi! E300 Card, said Socket, is available now for $89. It measures a mere 1.57” x 0.94” x 0.08” and weighs 0.1 ounces. It comes with Wi-Fi management software and offers up many features, including finding Wi-Fi networks with advanced functions such as network pings and trace routes, a power saving mode, enterprise class Wi-Fi certification with WPA2 (AES) support, support of multiple levels of encryption, support of infrastructure WLAN and ad hoc peer-to-peer connectivity and wireless ActiveSync. A led on the card also shows WLAN connection status.

"Wi-Fi growth is rapidly increasing as mobile users continue to embrace the technology for its convenience and as a means to improve productivity," said Shail Talati, product marketing manager, WLAN Products at Socket Communications. "With great performance for IP based phone calls, its small form factor and improved ergonomics, the Go Wi-Fi! E300 is a perfect fit with devices such as i-mate JAM. It is three times faster than our previous SDIO Wi-Fi card, has enterprise level Wi-Fi security and is as small as SDIO Wi-Fi cards get. It comes bundled with our industry leading Wi-Fi Companion software, offering the most enhanced Wi-Fi experience on the market today."

Read More At The Socket Website

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