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Thursday, September 15, 2005

WiFi Toys -- Great Book For Tinkering

Wireless networking is permeating every facet of our modern society. Kids are using wireless cell phones and text messaging to keep in touch in ways never imagined a few years ago. Adults are using wireless networking to work from home, or away on vacation. Wireless Web and data works from the very depths of a Disneyland ride to cruise ship excursions and cross-country airline flights. Enthusiasts like yourself are breaking beyond packaged products to enter new realms of connectivity and mobility. (continued...)

This book is a testament to the hobbyists, hackers, tweakers, and rule-benders who are constantly pushing the envelope of accepted use of technology.Wireless is especially ripe for experimentation by you rule-benders.

New social and personal dynamics are being created every day because of wireless. This book attempts to examine the practical exploitation of wireless networking. The projects here will help you get an understanding of the driving force behind the revolution.With the background and step-by-step nature of project creation, you will be able to move beyond the scope of this book and develop your own creations, to your own ends.

Wi-Fi Toys is an introduction to breaking down the boundaries set by manufacturers and product vendors. Seize your moment and create something astounding.

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