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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Value of Having GPS Devices Today

Ever been traveling on the highway for either vacation or special occasions and had to stop and ask for directions or purchase a map? I guess we all have when traveling. With new ideas coming to reality, we have global positioning systems (GPS) available for these situations. They range from hand held devices to in dash unit for automobiles. Prices vary by manufacturer, LCD screen size, and a wide range of great features.

The hand held devices can be used while on foot or from car to car. They can be used car to car by attaching GPS device on front dash or windshield simply by plugging the adapter into cigarette lighter. (continued...)Many of the models have feature such as voice prompts, touch screen features as well as an integrated antenna with a speakerphone system. Screen sizes range from 2 inches to 7 inch screens. It is good to have portable or etrex handheld GPS devices if you are interested in hiking, cycling, or having it for emergencies.

The In-dash system is great if you would like to change the look of your dashboard in your vehicle. Many of the in dash systems can also be used to play DVDs on screen. With monitors ranging from 5 to 7 inch LCD screens that offer great visibility and are also available with touch screen features. These are far better than the portable devices due to external antenna that comes with your device that offer stronger signals.

Today GPS provides great benefits to everyday people who travel or may have emergencies like having to go off route to your planned destination. With gas prices today who has time to go off route to ask the nearest gas station for directions. GPS is a system that uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) that use satellites around the Earth’s orbit to determine the direction you are headed in to the speed you are going. GPS ranges from mobile phones, PDAs, watches, and many more everyday objects we use.

Prices can range from as low as $150 to over $1000 and that is not including the price for mobile phones with GPS features. There are no disadvantages to having a GPS device whether in dash or portable to make traveling more safe, fuel efficient and relaxing. The only disadvantage that can happen will be that your battery life in your vehicle is completely dead and you cannot activate your GPS.

To see which GPS is best for you think whether you will be transporting your device car to car or whether you would like to upgrade your dash with the in dash feature.

Charle Edwin is a GPS enthusiast an loves every Etrex GPS by Garmin. He hopes that you will join as he writes his etrex gps review and gps handheld devices such as Garmin.