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Saturday, February 02, 2008

eBooster: ReadyBoost for Windows XP

eBoostr - ReadyBoost for Windows XP

eBooster breathes new life into your old Windows XP machine.

MDO Ltd. has brought out eBoostr, saying it's a complete substitute for Microsoft's ReadyBoost technology for Windows XP machines. The software is now available for a test-drive and bestows ReadyBoost-like technology to older, but still useful Microsoft Windows XP PCs, providing many of the same benefits to the end user.

eBoostr betters the speed of a PC or laptop without having to upgrade its internal components or the operating system. Using USB flash pen memory drives or flash memory cards, permits Windows XP to access hard drives to a much lesser extent. This results in upgraded performance and responsiveness of  Windows XP and all running applications.


The booting of your operating systems and program startup get much faster thanks to the smart caching mechanism. It seems to make use of XP's prefetch data to cache files on a faster flash drive. Then, if there's a system reference to the file, the eBoostr service directs access to the cached version instead of the drive.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP (32 and 64 bit support), Windows 2000 , Windows 2003
  • USB 2.0 port version or memory card reader
  • Flash drive or memory card with at least 2.5 MB/sec random read speed

Besides the added functionality, eBoostr also allows the use of up to four flash devices to speed up a system. That's a lot of extra capacity though I can't see anyone needing this. Still it's nice to know the option is always there if you need it.

The software also supports slower, less expensive flash memory and cards, providing an inexpensive way to upgrade a computer's performance.
eBoostr also promises noticeable performance benefits even to PCs that already have additional RAM installed.

I'm a laptop user and the added power savings on laptops increases your battery life when on the go, due to reduced disk activity. This will also extend the life of your drives saving you additional costs and inconvenience.

The cost is just under $30 and of course, you'll need some flash memory making it an economical option for extending the useful life of your XP machine.

eBoostr software is easy to install and very intuitive. The trial version has no time expiration and you can evaluate it for as long as you wish but it only boosts your system for 4 hours from boot up. It's available in 16 languages so people all over the world should have no trouble installing and using it.

eBoostr is an efficient, money-saving and is technically the most simple solution to the problem of insufficient RAM or slow hard disks.

Final Note:

If you use eBoostr and still have speed issues, you may need to do further system optimization. For useful tips on speeding up your PC or laptop, see this post about speeding up laptops.