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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Windows 7 First Leaked Screenshot

Windows 7 Leaked Screenshot There's no telling how accurate this screenie might be, and it's obvious that this screenshot won't be giving us any enlightening details about Windows 7, but we couldn't pass on the chance to publish an image that claims to be the first from a super-secret test build of Windows 7 distributed solely to "key partners." So, is there anything to see here? Not that we can tell, but from the looks of things we're looking at a copy of Vista with the name "Windows 7 Ultimate" pasted  on. There's no telling what's happening under the hood. We can only hope and pray that the Windows 7 release is not going to be just a high priced Vista upgrade that forces you to have all your system drivers reinstalled. If you upgraded to Vista from Windows XP, this nightmare should sound familiar to you.