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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

TOP 5 Providers for Making Free VOIP Calls

Gizmo Project

#1) VOIPcheap:

This is the original VOIPcheap and not the UK version of this company. Although VOIPbuster, voipcheap.co.uk uses the same software, I found this software to be more reliable and the voice quality is of very high level. This is a straight winner when it comes to making FREE calls worldwide. You can virtually call more than 50 countries on normal PSTN land lines and mobiles in Singapore, USA, HK & Canada. With some tricks, you can call from countries which are not listed in FREE list but you have a work around but that's beyond the scope of this article. 


Benefits: Clear voice, You can make calls from your PC. No need to buy any credits from them before making free calls. Allows PC or Phone to initiate call (via Directdial)

Drawbacks: really none.

#2) Jajah:

I tried Jajah about 1 month back and with their FREE minutes I made calls to India. The difference between JaJah and other VOIP providers is JaJah only allows you to make calls from your phone. That means you need to give your phone number and your calling party number before you can make a call. When you initiate a call JaJah first connects to your phone and rings you. You pick up the call and then JaJah connect you to the other party.

Benefits: No software download needed. Just visit their site. No credits needed for free calls.

Drawbacks: Have to use a legitimate number before calling. Cant use PC to make call.

#3) Gizmo Project:

Popularly known as " Skype Killer". This software lets you call anyone in more than 60 countries. The only downside is that you and other party both should be registered with Gizmo and should also register your numbers. I am sure that this project will be successful and in short time the database of people will be built and then its a FREE calling world.

Benefits: Making calls is easier than ever, Killer Application interface

Drawbacks: Requires both parties to register their numbers with Gizmo.

#4) Raketu:

Pretty decent service which offers FREE calls to 42 countries. I am rating it higher than VOIPbuster/Discount for the very reason that it's not a clone and it uses a different technology than Skype. Skype uses Supernodes which can be vulnerable to hacking. Additionally it integrates with Yahoo, MSN messengers etc.

Benefits: Better technology, Clear Voice, 42 countries FREE, Integrate with other messengers

Drawbacks: None found yet.

#5) VOIPBuster/VOIPDiscount:

Both these companies are a total rip-off from VOIPcheap. Even their software is identical and I wonder if they are all one company with different web sites and company name. But sorry to say they suck at delivering voice quality. They offer the same service as VOIPcheap.

Benefits:1 or more additional countries (Thailand + mobile) on Voipdiscount.

Drawbacks: Low voice quality