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Friday, February 22, 2008

Faster Search for Nokia Smartphones

Faster Search for Nokia Smartphones Google Speeds Up Searches for Nokia N and E Series Smartphones

Google just began offering a new free app that greatly speeds up searches for smartphones running on Nokia's S60 3rd Edition platform.

By running through software running natively on the phone instead of through a web browser, your searches will speed up by an average of 40 percent, which they show in Google's video demonstration. Once it's installed, the software places a Google search box directly on your smartphone's home screen.


The point of the shortcut is to allow users to perform a search without having to launch their smartphone's web browser to start the process and, by an extension, speed things up considerably.

Type a query into the box and press search to launch your smartphone's browser, which should quickly provide the results of your query, as long as a wireless connection is present, of course.

Unfortunately, Google's search box is only available to Nokia smartphones with a 'Ctrl' or 'pencil/edit' key—otherwise you must access the applet through the regular S60 application launcher. 

Google's search box for S60 smartphones is based on a new, more localized mobile search engine Google introduced a few weeks ago. The overall interface's been revamped as well.

Nokia plans to bundle this new software with its latest smartphones: the N96, N78, 6210 Navigator, and 6220 classic.

Judging from the research, there is as much as a 40 percent reduction in the average time to complete an initial search. You can see just how much faster it is in this video:

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