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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hot-Spots Now Number More Than 65,000 Worldwide

The United States has more hot-spots than any other nation, but London is the leading hot-spot city, a survey has found.

There are now more than 65,000 hotspots in 100 countries, according to a listing released Tuesday by wireless information and service provider JiWire. (continued...)

The United States has, by far, the largest number of hotspots with almost 27,600, according to JiWire. The U.K. is in second place with almost 10,500 hotspots and Germany is in third place with almost 6200 hotspots.

However, the individual city with the most hotspots is London, with about 1,200, according to the organization. Tokyo is second with more than 1000 hotspots and Paris is third with 771. The leading U.S. city is New York, with 545 hotspots.

Hotels and resorts are the leading venue for hotspots worldwide with almost 18,600 hotspots. About 12,400 hotspots are in restaurants and about 10,600 hotsptos are in cafes, according to JiWire.

"With Wi-Fi now in 100 countries, hotspot coverage is now available in a majority of nations around the world," Kevin McKenzie, JiWire's CEO, said in a statement. "With such explosive growth in just a few years, public Wi-Fi has truly become an integral part of the way people stay connected around the globe."

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