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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pocket PC Tips and Tricks -- Keyboard Entry

By: The Authors of Pocket PC Tips and Tricks

While the old Qwerty keyboard was not optimized for use on a PDA, there are some little niceties that the nice folks at Microsoft have added to help out us PDA users anyway. (continued...)

Getting use to this will take a little time, but after some practice your speed with the default keyboard will improve.

First, go to your input options (tap Start -> Settings -> Input) and select Keyboard as the input method. Change the default option of "Small keys" to "Large keys" and tick the "use gestures for the following keys" checkbox.

You'll find that the space bar, backspace and enter keys will disappear, which will also mean that the numbers and symbols will appear on the keyboard.

To become good at this, you need to learn the shortcuts. The dot on the diagram below indicates where to start - the square is the key you are pressing. For the space, enter and backspace keys, you can use any key on the keyboard as long as you use the gesture. If you use tap and stroke up on any key, that key will yield its upper case character ("q" will become "Q" and "4" will become "$").

Source: Pocket PC Tips and Tricks

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