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Monday, March 21, 2005

PDA Surfing -- Link a Day -- Weather Underground

The purpose of PDA Surfing -- Link a Day is to provide readers with at least one PDA friendly web link per day that they can surf on their SmartPhone or Pocket PC.
Over time, there will be a long list of useful links with reviews to sites that are specially formatted to work on tiny screens.
Today's link is:
Weather Underground
Rating 6.5 /10
Category: Palm/Pocket PC
Description: If you like to get weather information on your mobile Pocket PC this is an okay place to get it. It's nicely formatted for Pocket PC's but probably isn't well suited for a SmartPhones or Cellphones. If you're a U.S. user, it has a search option to input your Zip to retrieve weather data and forecasts. If you're from other areas of the world you can get your forecast too. Just follow the links until you find your country and local area. One feature of the weather info I liked was the radar maps of the U.S. This site should add more international weather and a choice of language options would be nice to see too. It's only for Pocket PC and because of that I rated it a little lower. All-in-all not bad though and worth a look-see.