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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pocket PC Tips and Tricks -- Games

By: The Authors of Pocket PC Tips and Tricks

Let's get one thing clear - you will NOT be able to play Doom3 or Halo on your Pocket PC (Quake 1 and Doom 1 are available, though). What you CAN do is play older PC and console games via emulators. There are a surprising number of emulators available for the Pocket PC platform, including a few that provide entire operating systems like PocketDOS and Pocket Commodore 64. (continued...)

These work fine for what they are, but if you just want to play a game it's probably overkill. Perhaps the best emulator available is PocketSCUMM. This will allow you to play older LucasArts games, like Monkey Island, Loom, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Day of the Tentacle, etc. These are all great games, and the emulator is very easy to use and configure.

If Sierra games are your choice, you'll want to download Pocket Sarien. Pocket Sarien works with early games such as Space Quest 1 and 2, Leisure Suit Larry and more. A large chunk of screen space is taken up with the on-screen keyboard, but the games are all perfectly playable.

Source: Pocket PC Tips and Tricks

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