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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

PDA Surfing -- Link a Day -- TV Guide

The purpose of PDA Surfing -- Link a Day is to provide readers with at least one PDA friendly web link per day that they can surf on their SmartPhone or Pocket PC.
Over time, there will be a long list of useful links with reviews to sites that are specially formatted to work on tiny screens.

Today's link is:

TV Guide Wireless Edition

Rating 7.5 /10
Category: Palm/Pocket PC/SmartPhone
Description: Want to check the U.S. TV listings from your SmartPhone or Pocket PC? TV Guide Wireless edition gives you what you've come to expect from the paper version that has adorned coffee tables at home for years. This is a good attempt by TV Guide to port that information so that you can have it handy on your phone. The screen formatting is good for any device. The only thing I didn't like was the advertising that is displayed before you read your listing. It adds a step that interferes with the speed of the results. TV Guide should learn from Google and try to find a way to keep the ads out of the way of performance. I docked it a point on the overall score for that reason.